Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Emma Atherall


"I'm excited to be president because I'll get to do a little bit of everything and help guide our chapter to our utmost potential!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Public Relations and Communication Studies

Sarah Dickerson

Vice President of Standards and Values

"I'm so excited to be the new VPSV because I want to make a strong positive impact on our chapter, and be someone that all of my sisters can rely on!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Communication Video Production

Lauren Estep

Vice President of Programming

"I'm excited to plan educational but fun informal meetings!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Music Education

Annie Tuohey

Vice President of Membership

"I am excited to be on Executive Council because I have always wanted to be VPM since I first joined Freshman year, and now it's finally happening. I cannot wait to show others what being in our sisterhood is all about!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Social Work and Criminal Justice

Jenna Willard

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

"I'm excited to make this last semester memorable for this amazing group of seniors!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Business Marketing

Jenna Buskey

Vice President of Academic Excellence

"I'm excited to gain leadership skills and help our chapter improve academically!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Early Childhood Education with a Concentration in Natural Science

Gipsie Prickett

Vice President of Philanthropic Services

"I'm excited to bring new philanthropy events to the chapter and watch the chapter grow in the new year!"

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Business Management

Erin Wright

Vice President of Finance

"I'm excited to be on Executive Council and work with my beautiful sisters!"

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Business Management

Morgan Nichols

Vice President of Communications and Operations

"I'm excited about being able to watch our chapter grow and being a leader to this amazing group of women!"

  • Year: Junior
  • Major: Early Childhood/Childhood with a concentration in Social Sciences

Dana Boughton

Vice President of New Member Education

"I'm excited to have a leadership role in the chapter and to be a sister that the new members can look up to!"

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Childhood Inclusive Education with a concentration in English

Brittany Hoffman

Panhellenic Delegate

"I'm excited for my position because I feel that I can make a change and help create positive relationships among campus life!"

  • Year: Sophomore
  • Major: Music Therapy with a concentration in Voice